Document Scanning

Scan Conversion Services has developed an in-depth knowledge and experience in document imaging and conversion services, allowing us to provide great value back to our clients.

The document scanning process involves a complex combination of skills, consistency, speed, meticulous attention to detail and quality control. This process runs the risk of being underestimated when it is not a core business. At Angel OMR scanning paper records and providing digital solutions is our core business and we treat your records with the respect they deserve.

We provide comprehensive services for digital documents and conversion of records including best practice preparation, scanning, data capture and outputting to a variety of possible formats. This application covers a wide variety of source media types and industry document types, including:

o    Documents – convert hard copy documents of any size into any format you require

o    Large Format Drawings – scan large documents for easy retrieval and more efficient storage as an image, ideal for facility managers, engineers and architects

o    Microfilm – Roll Film, Aperture Cards and Microfiche of all types.

o    Book Scanning

o    PDF and XML Conversion

o    Legal scanning – specialised services for the legal profession including discovery documents, objective coding, agreements etc.

o    Medical records scanning – specialised services for the medical professions including patient records, sterilisation reports, pathology results and other diagnostic imaging

o    Human resources scanning – specialised services for HR and payroll departments including employee records, resumes, applications, taxation forms, employment contracts etc.



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