When it comes to School Management, there are two faces to the complexity of how efficiently you manage your school, first how efficiently you manage schools academic activities, secondly how you can manage your administrative activities, within the available resources i.e. staff and teachers when your school is rapidly growing without overloading your teaching or non-teaching staff with unrelated tasks in their day to day activities. This is one of the main problems that every school has to address at some point when you are growing.

Here we will only focus on one of the main academic activity which involves teachers, parents and management, i.e. Students Performance Evaluation, Progress Report Generation and Communication. Progress report generation is based on every students scholastic and co-scholastic evaluation. It involves two aspects, firstly teachers have to continuously monitor and evaluate their respective class students in both scholastic and co-scholastic areas by conducting regulartests and exams, which is inline with their primary responsibility of Teaching and evaluating students, as we all agree.

However, most of the time in reality, Teachers also have to spend their precious time preparing the Progress Report by hand doing all the calculations such as grades, percentages for each and every student which is very tedious, time consuming and chance of error increases as it is done manually. Though some of the schools use Microsoft Excel or spread sheets programs, initially it appears to solve the problem of generating progress report, but at some point this method also becomes unmanageable.

If you automate this problem area of capturing of every students performance or progress information in their raw form into OMR System, The system will do all the necessary precise calculations based on the predefined and configurable scholastic or co-scholastic skills or criteria’s. Teaching staff can input their raw evaluation data into the OMR sheets in their free time regardless of where they are. Angel OMR and Data Solutions will do rest of the processes and can generate the Progress Report and Student Analysis Report within a very short time when the final data is ready.

This solves all of the problems which we discussed in beginning.— about the laborious and repetitive nature of the Progress Report Card Data Collection, Generation and Communication. 

Angel OMR and Data Solutions address above mentioned problem through Progress Card Generation module which supports State Syllabus Progress Reports, CBSE Progress Reports, ICSE Reports, also it support configurable customizations .to support unique evaluation methods which might be followed in your School.

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